EAGLES/EDGE Small Group Wrestling Clinic (Limit 10)

Grades 6 to 12
7 week sessions - October 4 - November 18, 2021
High school sessions Mondays and Wednesdays 5-6:15pm, Youth sessions Tuesday and Thursdays 5-6:15pm, One on One coaching sessions available 6:30-7:15pm
Mahoney Wellness Center Multipurpose room
Year Round Programs
EAGLES/EDGE Small Group Wrestling Clinic (Limit 10)

Small group clinic yields great results- elevate your wrestling game to the next level! 

Each seven-week clinic has a limit of ten athletes per age group. This ensures that every athlete has a practice
oriented for their current skill level and is given individualized feedback for optimizing skill
acquisition every single practice. The focus is not on an hour of live wrestling, but it’s
specifically geared towards learning high-level technical details of positional wrestling and
spending the appropriate amount of time on these details to guarantee retention. This small
group clinic utilizes mat-side video projectors to record and present video of their own
practices and film of other high-level wrestlers to further aid in their feedback and growth. The
small group environment is used to guarantee that each wrestler gets the specific attention
needed to ensure they are appropriately challenged and continue to optimize their
development each practice.

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WHAT TO BRING: Participants should bring wrestling shoes, knee pads, workout clothes, water bottle, and a mask.    As part of our covid mitigation strategy, participants will be required to sanitize hands and wear a mask for practice. Wrestling mats are sanitized before and after each practice.  The wrestling room is equipped with a hepa filter and updated HVAC system.     One on one Training sessions are available upon request.  Each extra training session focuses on a breakdown areas of improvement, time for individual drills, wrestling with coach, and film analytics.

High school sessions Mondays and Wednesdays 5-6:15pm

Youth sessions (grades 6-8) Tuesday and Thursdays 5-6:15pm. 

Program meets in the Mahoney Wellness Center Multi Purpose Room. 

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