Sports Management

Week 9, August 7-10, 2023
Morning (9am -1pm)
Sports Management

For students entering Grades 6-8

For the sports lover, future team General Manager (GM), sports team owner or ESPN analyst, this unique program helps students view the world of sports from a business perspective. Participants actively discuss and analyze different sports topics, including player contracts, mock drafts, college sports, endorsements, the Nike vs. Under Armour competition, the Super Bowl, e-sports and more!

Learning Outcomes
This program helps participants:

  • View the world of sports from a business perspective
  • Become better team players
  • Enhance problem-solving skills
  • Gain business savvy
  • Develop self-confidence

Collaborative Interaction
The essence of collaborative play is to encourage students to participate and share in a collective effort to reach a common goal.  This program features a healthy dose of small-group collaboration, with students working collectively in small groups to build professional sports teams from scratch and debating various sports topics.  Our pragmatic version of collaborative play promotes listening skills, conflict-resolution techniques and peer-based learning, all highly valuable skills.

Building Community
Students are encouraged to think about their local sports community, how it may have been affected by recent events (e.g., the pandemic’s impact on youth sports, college sports and professional sports) and what changes and solutions they would recommend.

This program encourages students to view the world of sports from a different angle and realize that sports are both competitive entertainment and commercial enterprises.  Students are also encouraged to think creatively and independently, avoid group-think and take calculated risks in a safe environment.

This camp is presented with our program partner SPARK Business Academy

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  • A safe and close-knit community where children discover new interests and create lifelong friendships
  • Developmentally appropriate instruction and game play

Join us for Camp Open house on Saturday June 10, 2023.  Our whole team will be on campus from 1-3pm to show you around, and answer any questions you may have.

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At A Glance

Morning (9am -1pm)

Program Dates

Week 9: August 7-11, 2023