Code Wiz Instructors

Specialty Camp Instructor

 Code Wiz is an outreach educational company that offers coding classes for kiddos ages 7-17. Code Wiz aligns its curriculum with the K–12 Computer Science Framework represents a vision in which all students engage in the concepts and practices of computer science.  We are passionate about inspiring the next generation, helping kids to unlock their inner genius, and love watching them get excited about coding! 

Who are Code Wiz Coaches?

  • Code Wiz Coaches are fun, super-smart coders who are passionate about inspiring the next generation through coding. Our coaches are experts in the coding languages they teach, and come from a variety of backgrounds including computer science, engineering, and math, and all have experience with and are enthusiastic about working with children. With a strong understanding of how to teach coding to young children, they will ensure that your child gets a fun, educational class experience!

Code Wiz staff are supported by EAGLES/EDGE Counselors for the perfect mix of technology and camp! 


Code Wiz Instructors's Programs