Specialty Camps

Specialty Camps 2019 Summer Schedule

Date/ProgramGrade EnteringTuitionEnroll Link
July 15-August 12
Outdoor AdventureAges 5 - 12$375ENROLL NOW
June 24-August 16
Robotics 101 - EV3Rising 4th to 6th or 7th$395ENROLL NOW
Intro to Scratch - Programming 4 KidsRising 1st to 4th$395ENROLL NOW
July 8-12
3D Game Design Featuring Portal 2Rising 4th to 6th or 7th$395ENROLL NOW
Game Design & Roller Coaster Science (iPads)Rising 1st to 4th$395ENROLL NOW
July 15-19
Extreme MinecraftRising 4th to 6th or 7th$395ENROLL NOW
Minecraft 4 Kids (iPads)Rising 1st to 4th$395ENROLL NOW
July 22-26
Programming for GamersRising 4th to 6th or 7th$395ENROLL NOW
Web Design 4 KidsRising 1st to 4th$395ENROLL NOW
August 5-9
Digital Photography Intro to EngineeringRising 1st to 4th$395ENROLL NOW


Date/ProgramGrade EnteringTuitionEnroll Link
June 10-June 20
Ceramics Pottery WorkshopAges 10-14$395ENROLL NOW
June 24-June 27
Art Studio Lab (AM)Grades 6-12$150ENROLL NOW
Art Portfolio Preparation (AM)Grades 6-12$150ENROLL NOW
June 24-June 28
Writer's Workshop (AM)Grades 6-12$200ENROLL NOW
June 24-August 10
Summer Theater at St. John's Prep (PM)Grades 9-12$100ENROLL NOW
July 8-July 12
Chamber Strings (AM)Grades 6-12$200ENROLL NOW
July 8-July 18
Ceramics Pottery Workshop (AM)Ages 15-18$395ENROLL NOW
July 15-July 19
High School Audition WorkshopGrades 9-12$350ENROLL NOW
August 12-August 16
Middle School Audition Workshop (AM)Grades 6-8$200ENROLL NOW

Robotics 101

  • Explore the exciting world of Robotics! Working in small teams, learn how to design and build a robot using LEGO® MINDSTORMS®.
  • Program your robot to perform project-oriented tasks and challenges. For novices, start with the basics of construction and programming.
  • No prior experience with LEGO® Mindstorms necessary. All skill levels welcome.
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Intro to Programming with Scratch

  • Our Scratch coding camp provides campers with the ultimate introduction to programming.
  • Using Scratch, an educational application created by the MIT Media Lab, campers will learn the basics of software development in a sophisticated, yet easy to learn environment.
  • Campers will learn basic software development techniques and use drag and drop tools to design and program projects.
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3D Game Design - Featuring Portal 2 (Intro and Intermediate)

  • If you like 3D-based video games then this camp is for you! Portal 2 is a first-person, puzzle-platform style video game that challenges you to use your wits to solve complex problems.
  • At camp you will use 3D game engine software and Portal 2 to create an adventure that features intricate labyrinths, puzzles and traps.
  • All skill levels are welcome.
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Game Design & Roller Coaster Science

  • The camp day is divided into two topics: Game Design & Roller Coaster Science. In the Game Design potion of camp, campers learn the basics of video game development and design games by hand with Bloxels and tablets.
  • In the Roller Coaster Science session, campers work with instructors to learn the basic engineering behind roller coasters and use K'Nex to build models that demonstrate how roller coasters work.
  • Gain the ability to define and explain examples of kinetic and potential energy, and centripetal force
  • Work in groups to build a working roller coaster model with K’NEX
  • Explore and build Platform Games
  • Build your own Video Game with BLOXELS
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Extreme Minecraft

  • For Intermediate and Advanced campers, this program will focus on servers, adventure design, Redstone and installing MODs.
  • Using their problem solving skills and Redstone circuitry, campers will build complex and large-scale adventures and mini-games.
  • Using servers, campers work in teams to learn how to set up and administer Minecraft servers for multiplayer adventures.
  • Campers will also be provided instruction on Tekkit and the Technic Platform to help the install MODs within Minecraft.
  • Advanced Minecraft game and level design
  • Redstone scripting
  • Use of Tekkit mod pack launchers
  • Minecraft Server Administration (via Minecraft EDU)
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Minecraft 4 Kids

  • Experience the amazing world of Minecraft. Build your own virtual reality in a sandbox-like environment by using tablets to challenge your mind and create your own adventures.
  • This fun and engaging camp will spark interests, foster creativity and help you maximize your learning potential.
  • No prior experience with Minecraft necessary. All skill levels welcome.
  • Campers learn: style, design and aesthetics
  • Campers build their dream house to scale
  • Campers will design a large-scale Minecraft Adventure
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Programming for Gamers: Learn to Code

  • This exciting programming camp provides you with an introduction to coding and gives you an understanding of how computer coding works through the use of both “drag and drop” tools and Javascript.
  • The camp uses a combination of programming tools, including Minecraft EDU and other game-based software that let you play and code at the same time. Ultimately, you can take on the role of a mighty hero who can cast spells and build worlds however, to wield your magic you need to learn how to write computer code.
  • No prior experience necessary. All skill levels are welcome.
  • Review of object oriented design programming concepts with CodeSpells and Minecraft EDU
  • Review of the Drag and Drop Programming software development environment
  • Managing data types and variables, handling user input, finding and fixing program errors
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Web Design 4 Kids

  • The focus of Web Design 4 Kids is on learning how to design a super cool website, without writing HTML or other code.
  • Campers will learn the basics of web design using WSIWIG design tools and will also have an introduction to graphic design software.
  • By the last day of camp, campers will have designed a series of web pages that reflect their personal interests and hobbies.
  • No prior experience necessary. All skills levels welcome.
  • Learn how to create a website
  • Learn how to use Google Sites to create a cool website
  • Learn more about your favorite topic and make it interesting
  • Learn basic graphic design concepts
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Digital Photography and Intro to Engineering

  • The camp day is divided into two topics: Digital Photography and Intro to Engineering.
  • In Digital Photography campers will take photos, make photo edits, add 2D art and create other fun and engaging images.
  • During the Intro to Engineering portion of camp, campers work with a variety of tools that investigate simple motors and machines (gears, wheels, axles, levers and pulleys), while solving tasks related to mechanical principles.
  • Discover your Artistic Side
  • Learn how to take cool Photos
  • Discover how to take your photos to the next level with Photo Editor
  • Discover mechanical principles by exploring, investigating, and solving task
  • Learn how gears, levels and pulleys work
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If you have questions or would like to set up a tour, please call us at 978-774-1427. We are here to help in any way.

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